Forskolin is an all natural health supplement that is known to elicit a favorable effect on body composition.

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In the summer of 2005 the National Institutes of Health issued a comprehensive report in the US National Library of Medicine summarizing the effect of forskolin consumption in overweight and obese individuals.

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To make a long story short, this official forskolin experiment that was conducted over a 12 week period by the government was shown to favorably alter body composition of the individuals who took it, and simultaneously increase bone mass and free testosterone in the men who took it. The conclusion was Forskolin can be a therapeutic agent for treating obesity.


You can see the full report here if you are the type of person that likes to know all the scientific details, but the purpose of this article on TribalCMS is to give you the skinny on Forskolin.

By the time you are done reading our article you’ll be wise as an owl about how Forskolin works, what forskolin dosage you should take, what the forskolin side effects may include, and where you can buy it.

Forskolin for weight loss

Forskolin is the latest in the market of weight loss products promising miracle results of improved health, better stamina, muscle tone, and of course weight loss. An extract of the Indian Coleus plant, this extract has healing properties that help in improving cardiovascular health and promoting weight loss.

Forskolin works at a cellular level, by activating an enzyme called adenylyl, which in turn increases the level of cyclic AMP, or cAMP. cAMP is crucial when it comes to the body determining how to respond to changing levels of hormones. It also increases the rate of the heart beat, which from a weight loss point of view means more fat burning and more metabolism.

The other way Forskolin works is through its healing properties. It’s already a rage when it comes to neural repairs. The same property helps repair muscles, which means quicker improvement in muscle density. Every time it’s used along with weight training, the muscle repair cycle is quicker and more effective.

Since its inception in the market, Forskolin has been a rage among celebrities across the world. Though no one is out there in the open thanking it for their health, information has started leaking out through reliable sources about many from Hollywood. Like acai berry and garcinia cambogia, some names are sure to crop up soon.

Since it’s a new product in the market, the side effects are not fully known (but we have a section below about that). The only two things to worry about are it’s contraceptive properties and the fact that it raises the level of testosterone in the body, which might be harmful for some. Because of the former property, it’s absolutely not safe for pregnant women or those who are trying / planning to conceive soon.

Overall, it’s a great product when you properly, and it’s being used for medical purposes due to its various properties. Though the weight loss properties of Forskolin are yet to officially receive accolades, the results can’t be denied.

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Forskolin Dosage

forskolin dosageThe proper forskolin dosage depends on the reasons you are taking it.

To aid in weight loss, the recommended forskolin dosage is 250 mg of 10% – 20% taken two times per a day for 12 weeks.

However, to treat asthma, 10 mg should be taken once per a day for 2 to 6 months.

When combined with proper diet and exercises to help you get abs after 40, users can shed up to 8 pounds in a week.

Now, what are some of the side effects of using Forskolin as the weight loss supplement.

When properly used, Forskolin will aid in weight loss without causing adverse effects to the user. Nevertheless, there are some side effects that you may experience.

Forskolin Side Effects

forskolin side effectsForskolin side effects may include the following:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Some users are likely to suffer blurred vision and dizziness due to low blood pressure. Although there is no guarantee that you will suffer low blood pressure, you should seek medical care if you experience blurred vision or dizziness.

  • Stomach upsets
  • Stomach issue is a common side effect that affects many users. Users suffer alleviated level of acid in the stomach. You are likely to suffer nausea and heartburn or even dindigetsion. If you suffer stomach ulcers, you should seek doctor’’s advice before using this product.

  • Abnormal heart rate
  • Some users also suffer increased heart rate.

Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that you will suffer any of these forskolin side effects.

Forskolin Dr. Oz

forskolin dr ozSince Dr. Oz’s TV show created a segment on Forskolin as weight loss supplement, the world started taking notice and subsequently more attention has been focused on Forskolin.

Many Forskolin reviews venture away from the major diseases’ benefits, with focus placed on its fat-burning enzymes and natural metabolism booster properties.

Forskolin reviews inform readers that taken twice daily as the prescribed dosage, it prevents future weight gain successfully. A supplement containing at least 10 percent Forskolin and taken in 125mg tablets twice daily has been recommended by Dr. Oz.

Doctor Oz suggests another important aspect of forskolin is when to take it to get the full effect. Research showed that it does have appetite-reducing properties as well and taken 15 to 20 minutes prior to breakfast and lunch are most beneficial.

Without changing lifestyles significantly, obese and overweight individuals can lose unhealthy excess body fat and build lean muscle.

This natural product found in the Coleus Forskohlii plant is native to subtropical regions of Africa and Asia. Although a number of active compounds are present in the plants, it is the roots of Coleus, which contain the beneficial, active, and potent compound needed for fat burning. With little to no side effects when reading thousands of Forskolin reviews it is still important to investigate them regardless. Only two minor side effects are mentioned with few users reporting diarrhea during first couple of days. The other side effect is lowered blood pressure, which actually could count as benefit as overweight individuals usually do suffer from elevated blood pressure.

Forskolin Reviews Reveal A Long History

forskolin reviewsOver many centuries, Forskolin was aimed towards treatment of major diseases such as high blood pressure, convulsions, heart disease, abnormal testosterone levels, and sporadic pain.

Many have heard of Forskolin or read Forskolin reviews as herbal plant extract with its unique properties, which naturally activates the enzyme in a body responsible for hormone regulation.

Nowhere in ancient civilization are there records that obesity existed and as a result some civilizations never used this extract for weight loss. Only with modern civilization, unhealthy eating habits, and equally unhealthy and inactive lifestyles came overweight individuals and obesity.

This is just one reason why Forskolin has become so popular for weight loss in modern times.

Where to Buy Forskolin

Forskolin is a popular supplement, and it has been for many years. Due to this fact, there are many places the extract can be purchased.

In order to experience the greatest weight loss effects and reduce any potential side effects, it may be in your best interest to purchase a quality manufactured forskolin supplement.

After our market research, we recommend Natural & Pure Forskolin Fast Acting Coleus Forskohlii.

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